EMPIRE Warranty


1.) Painted EMPIRE wheels with a standard clear-coat will include warranty against our manufacture finish defects for the period of 5 years after purchase by the original owner. This warranty is non-transferable.

 2.) EMPIRE Finish warranty is void if finish deterioration results from including but not limited to: “Harsh Wheel Cleaners”, any chemical solvent, acetone, diluted & non-diluted wheel acids, abrasive metal polishes, all hard/soft bristle brushes & or any steel wool, etc. ..

 3.) EMPIRE recommends that all wheels are to be cleaned only with mild soap and water.

Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty (EMPIRE)

EMPIRE wheels are warranted against structural manufacturing defects for the period of 8 years from the date of purchase to the original owner and are non-transferable. 

There are certain structural warranty void if the wheel shows any signs of damage from road obstructions such as pot holes, curbs, etc..

PVD Chrome (Physical Vapor Deposition) Coating (EMPIRE)

Some EMPIRE wheels use a PVD Chrome coating process. PVD Chrome is a extremely durable. Taking care of the finish of PVD Chrome coated wheels is simple, always use mild soap and water. Never spray chemical based cleaners on PVD wheels.

How to submit a Finish or Structural Warranty Claim (EMPIRE)

EMPIRE wheels will need the following to properly evaluate a warranty claim to receive authorization. 

1.) Original purchase receipt of wheels.

2.) A clear legible picture of the damage on the wheel or wheels in question, email or text is fine.

All warranty claims are to be submitted to theempirewheels@yahoo.com via email or by calling 706-627-0057. 

**Warranty eligibility is based upon the sole discretion of EMPIRE wheels**